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Summer 2020

Anshika Rath is an 8th grader at Pine Lake Middle School in the class of 2025. She has always been intrigued by leaders who strive to bring sustainability awareness to our society. Due to inspirations, Anshika was motivated to join Sustainability Ambassadors in the summer of 2020. To improve her leadership skills and aid those in need, she volunteers for various other organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Sophia Way, and OSY—Odia Seattle Youth. At school, Anshika is part of Math Club, orchestra, and Compass (to help new 6th graders). When she isn’t engrossed in books at home, you’ll probably find her painting or dancing. Anshika has performed Odissi (an Indian classical dance style) locally, within the States, and internationally in front of thousands of people. In addition to these passions, she enjoys involving in community service, cultural engagement, and sustainability problems. Her personal water footprint is 1486 gallons per day which is 17.54% better than average, while her carbon footprint is 47 tons of CO2 per year. To reduce these amounts, Anshika will work on using less water in the garden and composting her waste.

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