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Summer 2014

Annika Kumar is a senior at Skyline High School and part of the class of 2020. She joined SA in the summer of 2014 and has improved her public speaking, project management and facilitation skills. During her high school career, she advanced her green team from a level two to a level four green school. Annika has also participated in three summer internships with the Ambassadors where she tracked the number of green buildings in each city in King County. She also did a comparative analysis of four states’ policies related to climate change in order to analyze the role political ideology plays in climate change policy. In the future, Annika wants to use artificial intelligence and data science to alleviate climate change. Her personal carbon footprint is 15 MTs of CO2 per year and to reduce this, she is working on riding the bus at least 3 times a week. Her personal water footprint is 532,170 gallons/year and to reduce this she is limiting the time per shower to 5 minutes or less.

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