Anna Albert


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Fall 2020

Anna Albert (class of 2027) attends Snoqualmie Middle School in Snoqualmie Valley. She first joined Sustainability Ambassadors in Summer 2020, during the 2050 workout. Anna aspires to get a job in science and hopes to use Sustainability Ambassadors to expand her knowledge in science. As an ambassador, Anna hopes to help average households lower their water footprints. Anna’s water footprint is 1,460 gallons per day. She hopes to reduce this by not letting the faucet drip when taking a shower, brushing her teeth, or washing her hands. Her carbon footprint is 24 tons per year.  She hopes to lower this by walking more often to places. Outside of Sustainability Ambassadors, Anna enjoys reading science, mystery, and fantasy fiction, learning the violin and hiking.