Anjana Punniamoorthy


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Summer 2019

Since preschool, Anjana has been enamored with the outdoors. There always seemed to be a sense of freedom and adventure there, a colorful, intricate world that had brought her so much joy. After understanding sustainability and it’s important role in the prevention of climate change, Anjana was thrilled to join Sustainability Ambassadors - a team focused on empowering youth to encourage community sustainability. In the Summer of 2018, she was invited to join after attending a camp held by the director of the organization. Currently her main role is at her own school, Timberline Middle, where she has been working to better the green team by increasing membership, creating higher impact projects/learning opportunities, and making Timberline a level 1 King County Green School. Anjana has been an organizer for the Redmond Sustainability Kickoff and a facilitator for the 2050 workout. Aside from this, Anjana enjoys Oboe, Bharatanatyam and Science Olympiad, where she discovered her interest in genetics. Anjana’s carbon footprint is 36 tons per year, while her water footprint is 1,376 gallons a day. She plans to reduce these numbers by opting for public transportation more often, taking shorter showers, and consuming less nuts/processed foods.