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Ananya Vaidyaraman


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Fall 2021

Ananya Vaidyaraman is a Sophomore in the International Baccalaureate Program at Interlake High School. Currently, her focus lies in the health sciences area. Ananya is also a firm believer that healthcare should be accessible to everyone regardless of race and gender. She wants to contribute to Sustainability Ambassador's environment and equity commitments by reducing healthcare inequalities, help implement eco-friendly measures in hospitals, and work towards improving air quality to increase the life expectancy for all. Currently Ananya's personal water footprint is 1128 gallons per day and her carbon footprint is 43 tons per year. She follows a fully vegetarian diet and uses an electric vehicle to commute.  Aside from SA, Ananya participates in extracurricular activities and engages in community outreach centered around the arts. She is a Madhubani visual artist, Vice President of a Toastmasters Public Speaking Club, is quadrilingual with multiple World Language Credits in Hindi and is currently pursuing IB French. Ananya has led and participated in initiatives ranging from art workshops and exhibitions to spearheading French tutoring for middle school students during the Covid-19 pandemic (Fill the Gap Club, Odle Middle School) and was selected for a 2-month summer internship with Gurukul, WA. The internship focused on building Youth Board objectives by creating prototypes for the online Multimedia program using Agile project/program management.

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