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Allison has always had a passion for the environment, but felt like her impact was too small to make a difference. When she first heard of Sustainability Ambassadors in the summer of 2016, she jumped on the opportunity. Allison is now attending Newport High school, in the Bellevue school district (Class of 2021). Looking back, she knows that she owes much of her growth in public speaking and leadership, to SA and the opportunities the program has provided her. It’s through sustainability ambassadors that she has learned that she wanted to focus her major in environmental science. As president of her school’s Eco club, a current project that Allison is working on is leading their club in working alongside other Bellevue green teams, to engage their district in a school wide earth day event. Besides this, she is collaborating with YMCA Earth Service Corps, and a representative from the Institute for Systems Biology (IBS) to create a classroom aquaponics system that can be used to educate on sustainable methods in agriculture. Allison’s carbon footprint is 16 tons of co2 per year and her water footprint is 71 gallons a day. In an effort to reduce these numbers, she is taking advantage of her orca card and riding the bus more often. She has also set a personal goal to take shorter showers, and be more mindful of unplugging electronics and turning off the light once leaving the room. Allison loves running and is part of her school’s cross country and track team. When she’s not out on the trails, you can find her in the kitchen attempting Buzzfeed’ Tasty recipes. 

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