Aliyah Sadoune


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Fall 2020

Aliyah is a 7th grader attending Meridian Middle School in Kent, Washington. Aliyah has always had a profound love for animals and the environment. In fact, you may have encountered a 6-year-old in a Junior Ranger vest demanding that you stay on the park paths. If you did – that was probably Aliyah! She started her sustainable journey by making small adjustments such as replacing the use of plastic straws with metal straws, purchasing natural and cruelty-free toothpaste and biodegradable floss with a reusable case. To follow, Aliyah became a vegetarian and now purchases used instead of new clothing.  Her ability to create awareness and lead by example has influenced family and friends as well.  Aliyah joined the Sustainability Ambassadors to help her achieve her goal to make a positive impact on the environment, as well as encourage others to do the same. Aliyah’s personal water footprint is 1,796 gallons per day. To reduce this, she will be working with her parents in installing native landscape in her backyard to reduce water consumption. Her household carbon footprint is 41 tons of CO2 per year. To reduce this, Aliyah is going to waste less food and grow more food in her garden. Some of Aliyah’s interests include homesteading, foraging, and learning about plants. In her free-time, Aliyah enjoys playing guitar, baking, acting, and spending time with her animal friends.