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Spring 2019

Akshay is currently an eighth-grader at Pacific Cascade Middle School in Sammamish. He joined Sustainability Ambassadors in the spring of 2019. In his little time at Sustainability Ambassadors, he has grown as an individual in many aspects. He has learned public speaking, organization, and leadership skills. If asked, Akshay would be most proud of the knowledge he has learned from other ambassadors and teachers. He has only been able to recognize the need for sustainability from the helpful guidance of others. It is why he believes the solution to a problem can be found in the awareness of others. He has tried to apply these principles in the Solar Neighborhood Challenge. Akshay and Sustainability Ambassadors have partnered with Sphere Solar to increase the use of solar panels in King County. He believes he can empower people into purchasing solar panels so Seattle can hit its 2050 carbon goals. In the future, Akshay plans to use his experience in Sustainability Ambassadors to help him land a career in the medical field. He will be helping people as he did in Sustainability Ambassadors. He uses 81 tons of carbon per year. He plans to reduce this by taking the school bus more often and turning off the lights when he leaves his room. He uses 2176 gallons of water per day. He plans to reduce this by eating a more vegetarian diet and spending less time in the shower.

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