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Akshay Vakharia


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Spring 2019

Akshay has learned a lot from Sustainability Ambassadors. If asked, he would be most proud that he now knows what it means to be a leader, the main reason behind his application. Now, Akshay hopes that he can further develop his communication and teamwork skills so he can be a successful doctor in the future. For now, Akshay is deeply interested in math, science, and debate. Outside of school, Akshay can be found in the squash courts, stuck inside of a book, or with his telescope on a clear day. Otherwise, he looks forward to a new year full of new experiences.

Akshay's personal Impact Project aims to rapidly solarize school, commercial, and municipal structures. In order to accomplish this feat, he has teamed up with Sphere Solar, a solar panel company, to maintain discounts for any corporate entities. Currently, Akshay is on the research step of his plan since he wants to identify certain case studies that can serve as a model for his future endeavors.

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