Adithi Raghavan

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Sustainability Ambassador since

Summer 2017

Adithi Raghavan is an avid learner and dedicated environmental activist from Sammamish, WA. She attends the International Community School in Kirkland, WA. As a Sustainability Ambassador, she spoke at 2017’s Water Symposium and facilitated groups at the 2018 LWSD Summit. Her passions in sustainability center around food systems and work focused on increasing the bee population. She and her friend worked with MIT to create an app called BEEducated that teaches the general public about the plight of bees. The app will be on the PlayStore soon. In the future, Adithi is looking forward to becoming more involved with the food systems group at the 2050 workout. She’s also passionate about getting students and green teams at other schools to participate in the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge. She herself is involved in the planting of 2 gardens in her area. Beyond that, Adithi likes to garden, write poetry, and craft in her free time. 

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