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Adarsh Kumarappan


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Fall 2021

Adarsh Kumarappan is a junior at Skyline High School and joined SA in 2021. He has a strong passion for a sustainable earth and loves to do his part every day. Creative ideas such as sustainable jet fuel and carbon-neutral homes bring a smile to his face. Adarsh is also a competitive programmer, a passionate researcher, and a critical thinker.  Sustainability is a priority for Adarsh. He is also passionate about computer science and data analysis and is adept at public speaking and project management. He has taken up leadership roles, such as Co-President of a Technology Student Association chapter, where he demonstrates these skills continuously. Adarsh is looking to utilize his technical and public speaking skills to better communities and create a lasting impact for future generations.  Adarsh’s carbon footprint is about 30 tons per year and his water footprint is about 1,500 gallons per day. He plans to reduce these numbers by using his family’s electric vehicles, walking/biking to any nearby places, and conserving his water and energy usage.  Outside of school and community-related activities, Adarsh plays the trumpet, plays chess, bikes, plays video games, and codes for fun.  Adarsh is thrilled to work with the rest of his team and use his skills to help make King County more sustainability focused.

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