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Aarya Bhoite


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Fall 2019

Driven by her passion for public speaking and working with her local community, Aarya has joined the Sustainability Ambassadors program to work on creating a more sustainable environment for this generation and generations to come. The Sustainability Ambassadors program serves as a natural fit for her interests due to its deep focus on promoting sustainability, public speaking, and project management. Within Sustainability Ambassadors, Aarya is a CRM co-director. As a CRM co-director, Aarya works on managing the SA CRM. Aarya is also the project manager for the Solar Neighborhood Challenge. Aarya has a personal carbon footprint of 22 metric tons of carbon dioxide a year and a water footprint of 1,238 gallons per day. To reduce this, she is working on walking/bicycling to school every day as well as using energy-efficient water appliances. Outside of Sustainability Ambassadors, she loves to learn Bharatanatyam and teach Bollywood dance. Aarya also has an immense passion for Model UN. She has won multiple awards as a delegate and enjoys serving on the staff and secretariat of conferences throughout the Pacific Northwest region.

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