20 Action Projects - Stormwater Pollution Solutions

1. Become an expert on rain gardens using the Rain Garden Manual for Western Washington and then build one at home, at school or in your community.

2. Organize a neighborhood cluster of rain gardens.

3. Support you city by establishing an annual schedule for weeding and mulching community rain gardens.

4. Help everybody who has a rain garden in your community register theirs on the google map at the 12,000 Rain Gardens Campaign website.

5. Do the math for harvesting rooftop rainwater in a cistern then install one at home or at school.

6. Lead a neighborhood campaign for everyone to use natural yard and lawn care strategies.

7. Lead a carrot mob (mass purchase) of bagged compost at the local Home Depot and rake it into the lawns of participating neighbors. Create a video and promote through social media.

8. Work with your city to plant more trees to increase the urban tree canopy.

9. Develop a green neighborhood atlas to track rain gardens, cisterns, natural yard care, and efficient irrigation.

10. Lead a pledge drive for parents and neighbors to test for and fix car oil leaks.

11. Create a kit to test for oil leaks under cars in your school parking then support car owners with coupons for fixing their leaks at a local auto shop.

12. Lead a campaign to get neighbors to use a commercial car wash.

13. Design a green infrastructure plan for your city in the year 2030.

14. Work with your neighbors and local parks to install posts with dog-poop baggy dispensers.

15. Became an apprentice engineer on one stormwater solution and teach younger classrooms about how to reduce the impact of polluted stormwater runoff.

16. Deliver a neighborhood workshop on the top 5-10 BMPs (Best Management Practices) that every homeowner could do.

17. Write a series of letters to the editor on your chosen action, pledge drive, or campaign. Describe the problem, state you goal and provide data.

18. Report your actions to the city council, using data and a clear association with the City’s own policies on reducing polluted stormwater runoff.

19. Write a new city ordinance for improved LID regulations and outreach methods.

20. Create a set of architectural and engineering drawings for a new home or school that uses a mix of green infrastructure strategies to capture and infiltrate all of its stormwater on site.